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WITA Week 6.15.16


What's New This Week

Dan Coyne is back!
WITPAC met last week and we were all delighted to have Dan join us for the call.  He says he’s available for any and all meetings but Betty thinks we should stick to phone calls for now as he’s in for weeks of physical therapy and it tires her out just to think about all that effort.

Speaking of WITPAC, Betty will be calling some of you to join her for meetings with legislators to whom we’ll be making campaign contributions.

Rick Finnigan will co-chair number overlay workgroup
Rick will be serving as the third co-chair on the Industry Committee for the implementation of the area code overlay of 206, 253, 360 and 425.  The Industry Committee is charged with implementing the overlay plan. This will include reviewing educational materials, dealing with questions that may arise related to implementation and other technical issues.  He was asked to be a co-chair because most other industry representatives do not reside within the state of Washington.   Having a local presence will be advantageous in dealing with issues that may arise in Washington that may not be apparent to the national representatives that have been dealing with code divisions and number overlays in other states.  It will also be advantageous to WITA member companies to have Rick in the thick of those discussions.

Betty Buckley named President of NCSTAE
Betty was named President at the recent annual meeting of the National Coalition of State Telecommunication Association Executives.  Her primary duties will be to coordinate information between association executives and host the next annual meeting.  While it’s not a huge workload, it is a huge honor.  Brant Wolf, Oregon OTA, is a recent past-president.

Hidden Treasure/Free Marketing
We are still offering Associate Members the opportunity to donate prizes which we will hide on the WITA website to get more people looking at our website and to give you more exposure to our members.  This week we are adding a special “thank you” for the company that donates:  get your company name on website as the donor as well as a free banner ad on our website – top full banner space – to advertise for two weeks free!

Who wants to be the first to donate a prize for the next newsletter and get an extra week free for the banner ad?  Please email ASAP me if you would like to donate.

Dues Coming Soon
Associate members’ dues will be sent out in July.  Please email me if your email and contact information is not correct on our website.  Those are the emails/contacts the invoices will be sent to on July 1.  We hope to have our credit card availability up and running so you have the option to pay by credit card, more information on that soon.




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WITA Highlights 

Congrats - Winner!
Congrats to Kelle Oblizalo from Hood Canal Communications, the prize winner from last months buried treasure!  Kelle won a $25 Starbucks gift card donated by Telcom Insurance Group.  

Telcom Insurance Group received three weeks of free prime time banner space for advertising on our website for the donation!


Dues Coming Soon
Associate members’ dues will be sent out July 1st. 

Please email me if your email and contact information is not correct on our membership directory.